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Soft and love these

5 star I’m ordering more

Love my padsss

I love it because it’s a nice neutral color.

In love

I was so excited to get my order.. I love the colors and the design 😍 I actually look forward to getting my period now because I'm using you beautifully product . Thank you so much !

Absolutely love them!

Best pads ever! super comfy and work like a charm.


Perfect addition to my Chunky Scrunchy collection!

Absolutely love the satin chunky scrunchy’s. They don’t pull my hair. Can’t wait to see what new color comes out next in the satin! Highly recommend!

Great quality and cute patterns

Good quality


Super soft, absorbent, easy to clean. I didn't feel wet wearing it and all the blood rinsed out. Cute design and great quality.


Love the print

Super cute print and material is very comfortable


Love these pads, they absorbs so much. Worth the purchase, so get them ladies :)

A great addition to your cloth pad collection!

I was more excited to try these large liners than the regular liners because I thought they would be a better fit for me, but these ended up being too long. Additionally, I found that because they are thin as well, they slid around a little more than I wanted (full transparency, my daily underwear of choice is a cheeky cut with a mesh fabric, so I’m sure that didn’t help with the movement). However, I found that the PERFECT use for these pads are for the days when I’m expecting my period to start & right after my period. I wear them with full coverage, cotton underwear, & it gives me the comfort & confidence that no “accidents” happen. Definitely recommend!

Loved them very good quality I will definitely buy more Thanks

Plum set

I love how neutral the color is. I bought the exact same one but in topaz . And I absolutely love it .


Had my first period since having my twins and I currently can't use tampons or cups. I haven't used pads in forever, but have been trying to reduce waste in my life and better my health. These helped reassure me about no leaks during the night and even during the day. It's takes some getting used to and ignoring, but totally worth it. Just have to find the best positioning for you.

Absolute Favorite

Must buy!! I love these pads so much!! Highly recommend!

Love them!

I love the new pads! I do miss the old style bc they seem cooler then my other ones. The size tag is now placed on the wing, which I have to cut out bc it rubs on my thighs. Other then that I love her products!

Love it!

I love the 2 zipper bag. I’m able to keep fresh on one side and dirty on the other. I just hung it up in my bathroom. 🥰

Soft pillows for your vagina!

I used SoCo diapers for my son when he was a baby (he’s now 8) and I totally missed when she started making pads. So glad I found them and got my first order. If her quality is still the same I can only imagine how much I will love my pads. I still have my favorite SoCo diaper and passed the others along to my sister just recently to use for her baby.

Reusable pads are amazing!

I recently started to venture into using reusable pads when I found SOCO on tik tok! I was sold immediately because honestly I was tired of having to buy tampons every single month. Knowing that they help reduce waste and that I am using something natural makes it my period so much better! SOCO pads are so comfortable I honestly sometimes forget I have a pad on! Thank you SOCO!

Love them.

They are the best pads i have used. They feel comfortable and are my favorite.

Love it 😀 it's super soft

Chunky Scrunchy PUMPKIN
Vanessa Garita
A Must Have

This scrunchy is big not your regular size scrunchy and is so soft i could wipe my tears of joy with it and the color is so beautiful giving fall vibes.

Beautiful Fall Periods!

Absolutely gorgeous pad! Made sturdy and strong for a fun fall period! Makes having a period worth it! Absolutely love the pumpkin color and the texture and the absorbency. Beautiful

Happy Customer

I wish these products had been available when I was a younger women, periods would have been so different. As an older woman, these pads are so soft and comfortable, just perfect to catch that little extra, when it happens. I will order again!

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