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As the sole seamstress here at SoCo Studio (previously known as Southern Comfort Fitteds) , my mission statement to you, my loyal customer, is to provide a cloth pad that is your first to reach for in your stash, that you know you can count on, no matter the flow or cycle you have. Giving you that feeling of security knowing your investment will outlast any other pad and sustain the longest durability through all menstrual cycles. Not to mention how much you love the colors, print and style that YOU designed. Our cloth pads are designed for you to have a option during your cycle, that is not only safer for you, but also safer for our planet.


I want you to be completely happy with your shopping experience. If you have questions about SoCo Studio, our products, or even shipping, get in touch! We hope you continue to shop here for many years to come.  You are not only my customer, but you are my friend and I hope to build a lasting friendship with each of you. If you ever have a concern regarding any item I will always make it right.


You know that feeling you get knowing that you have fluffy mail coming? That heart sinking satisfaction you get when you use your cloth pad (maybe it's your first, maybe your a long time user), and know your help the planet, helping your body, and your stash will last a lifetime? That feeling - is happiness. And that is what I strive to bring to you. I hope to bring you happiness throughout your menstrual cycle life span, wether your using our one of a kind cloth pads, liners, or ILPs. Remember, we also support you even if you don't purchase from us. Our mission is to inform everyone of all the benefits that come with using reusable cloth menstrual products.


Your instruction card that comes with each order just in case you didn't get one or need to refer to it.