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Upon receiving your order, please inspect your package for any errors and let me know within one week of your delivery date if there are any to report. Please watch the video that is sent to you with your package. Please wash your products before the first use to rid of any factory dust and handling. 


Upon purchasing and receiving your cloth PADS, you are agreeing to this Disclaimer that SoCo Studio (company name: Southern Comfort Fitteds) and Makayla Kane is not responsible for any medical issues under any circumstances that may arise due the the specific genetics of your person in reaction to any fabrics or fittings of your cloth pads purchased from SoCo Studio (company name: Southern Comfort Fitteds) . Medical issues include but are not limited to: rashes, skin sensitivities, leg marks, UTI, bladder infections, diarrhea, medical illnesses or diseases, ETC.. Anything that may or could arise after using a cloth pad from SoCo Studio ( company name: Southern Comfort Fitteds), is not the fault of Makayla Kane or SoCo Studio (company name: Southern Comfort Fitteds). 


Statements regarding health supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.


Since the beginning of the first day of business for Southern Comfort Fitteds in 2011, there has never been any medical issues reported. All products from the studio are carefully chosen from natural fiber vendors with testing certificates for skin sensitivities. No one has reported any negative affects to themselves or others, by any of our products. This disclaimer is simply for yours and Southern Comfort Fitteds and Makayla Kane's legal protection.


Your instruction card that comes with each order just in case you didn't get one or need to refer to it.