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 All purchases from the website ship within 1-3 WEEKS from Texas, USA. All items are shipped via USPS.   Delivery estimates are not guaranteed due to unknown circumstances involved within USPS (weather, peek of service, labor disruptions, etc). You will receive a tracking number in your email from the shop once your order has been shipped.



 All USA shipping is one flat $5 rate. 

You have the option to choose INSURED PRIORITY MAIL for anything you buy if you want it, for $10. This will cover the entire insurance cost of your order and it will go out via priority mail so that you may have more peace of mind about your package.



We  ship  anywhere  in  the  world!  Your  shipping  will  be  automatically  calculated  by  the  United  States  Postal  Service  at  check out. All International packages will ship First Class International shipping. Delivery is usually 1-3 weeks.



If you make multiple purchases, please leave a comment in the check out section with your order numbers you would like to combine. I will combine your orders and refund any extra shipping to the form of payment you used to purchase. Any shipping overage under $1 will not be refunded.




As long as you purchase the ROUTE PACKAGE PROTECTION shipping insurance, your package is completely covered. So if something happens like it doesn't get to delivered when it said it was delivered, your package was stolen, lost damaged or destroyed, you are to contact ROUTE immediately via the email they sent you regarding your order. They will either RE-purchase your order for you OR issue you a FULL refund within 24 hours after contacting them. It is your choice to purchase the ROUTE PACKAGE PROTECTION, however, if you choose not to buy it, then you have to follow the steps below in order to work with USPS. Please watch this video below for more information on how the insurance protection works for your order:


Because our products are delivered to the customer through the mail system only, all we have to depend on is that mail system doing their part and not losing your package and hard earned and spent money. Trust me I follow your packages the minute it leaves my studio and I watch them daily until they are delivered because I have no control over what happens to your packages after they leave my hands.

My husband and I package every single order by hand ourselves and we ship out anywhere from 500- 800 packages a month. 

We take into consideration that something is bound to happen with that many shipments.

However, the items in my shop are hand made by me and my husband. We do not mass produce nor do we have unlimited inventory of every product. Everything is very limited in what we supply to our store and not one item is like the other. 

We simply do not have the option to just replace your order on a whim if something happens to it.

We know things happen, but our policy for packages being lost or destroyed is not going to be the expected Amazon replacement or refund method, that we simply cannot offer. But we do have a plan in place.


1. Contact me immediately via email, DM or even text me @ 936-239-2220 and tell me exactly what happened. I will need your name and order number and I will need to know exactly the situation of what happened IN WRITING from you.

2. You must contact USPS and submit an investigation immediately. Go to your post office and let them know what has happened and that you are filing a claim. Once you do this, you MUST send me proof of your investigation filed, a screen shot or photo of it.

3. I will call on my end and I will also have the package pushed with my end to USPS but i will need your investigation to do this

4. You must wait a minimum of 21 business days to hear back from USPS

5. If you do not get your package investigation resolved within 21 days, contact me again and we will discuss a personal compensation plan, on an individual basis.

6. Do NOT file a chargeback against me from your bank. If your order was provided a tracking number and we both watched it ship around the US to get to your house, and something happened to it, it is cruel to file a chargeback against me for something that is completely not my fault or out of my control. A chargeback will not only take the money out twice but I will also lose the inventory and it is a red mark against me. I can understand if a company simply never shipped your product, but that will never be the case here at SoCo Studio previously known as Southern Comfort Fitteds. 

I always give the benefit of the doubt and will provide my best customer service to you. But so many small businesses get scammed out of lots of money and products, and ultimately get reported and never did anything wrong.

In closing, please know that I completely understand how frustrating it is to spend a lot of money on something and then you never even get it. It is very important to me that I do my best to help resolve that with you on a one on one basis.



Your instruction card that comes with each order just in case you didn't get one or need to refer to it.