This set was designed for those who have just started or are about to start their period and want to try using cloth pads instead of disposable pads. This kit is perfect for figuring out which size you prefer, or just the overall learning curve that entails with switching to cloth.  Please keep in mind, this is not enough for an entire cycle. This kit includes...
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one menstrual bag with 2 zippers (do not put in dryer), 1 small 9" cotton velour pad, 1 medium 10" cotton velour pad, 1 large 11" cotton velour pad, 1 extra-large 12" cotton velour pad, 1 small 6" liner, 1 large 9" liner and 1 cotton velour wrapper. The colors of pads, liners and wrappers will be chosen at random by myself or my team. If you prefer certain colors, or color schemes, you can add those details in the notes at checkout or send us a message. We can't guarentee anything, but will try our best to accomodate. !DO NOT PUT YOUR BAG IN THE DRYER! It will cause the bag to no longer be liquid-proof! !!!STARTER KITS HAVE A ONE WEEK WAIT TIME BEFORE SHIPPING. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER IF YOU ARE NOT OKAY WITH WAITING UP TO 2 WEEKS BEFORE YOUR PACKAGE ARRIVES TO YOU. (PRODUCTION TIME + POSSIBLE SHIPPING TIME LANDED TO YOU).!!!Privacy Policy, Shipping Info, Product Warranty, and Refund Policy.


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this is wierd

this felt wierd on me

misael leija
Great product!

My 14 yr. Old daughter love the starter pack. I’m going to get her more soon. Her words exactly “Mom I can’t feel it! It feels a bit bulky when I sit down. I think I need to just wear them overall I really like it. Buy me more!” I will follow her orders..🙏🏼🙌🏻

Christina Vezzi
Very nice pads!

These pads are great quality and are made of great materials! Love the colors, love the prints and love the finished product. Unfortunately for me these pads had a snapped width that was too wide for me. Sad because I really like the pads. They are very comfortable, moisture wicking, and I don’t get too hot wearing them. I just had problems with them shifting throughout the day even while wearing well fitting underwear. Still great quality and beautiful designs!

Atallex Mukite


Kimberly Embry
Want more

This was my first order and I didn't know how I would like them but cloth pads were so much more convenient and comfortable for me,and it helped me figureout the sizes that work best for me, I live about 20 minutes away from the closet store and normally when I start getting low on pads I start to worry if I have enough pads, but with the cloth pads all I had to do was wash them, I only had the starter pack for the first few day on my period, but after the first day I ended up ordering some off Amazon just to have a few more for now, definitely want to buy more soon!!!