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Large Hanging Wet Bag

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This specific menstrual bag measures 28"L x 15"W. Black woven handles and 2 zippered compartments. One side can hold clean items and one side can hold wet, dirty items. But you can customize your pockets however you like.
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This bag is great for cloth diaper laundry, traveling wet clothes/laundry/diapers or nurseries/menstrual pads/cloth wipes/soiled underwear. Keeps your wet items inside, waterproof (do not put in dryer) and smell proof. Made with a super strong waterproof TPU so that no wet liquid leaks out. Can hold wet items up to a week long. DO NOT PUT IN DRYER! It will cause the bag to no longer be liquid proof! Make sure before you order that you read and understand Privacy Policy, Shipping Info, Product Warranty, and Refund Policy

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