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 These instructions are recommended by the Real Diaper Association (RDA) and Southern Comfort Fitteds. For special circumstances or personalized advice, please contact us at

1. CHANGE Change baby into a clean, dry diaper as soon as the diaper they are wearing is soiled or feels damp to the touch. It is recommended to use your diapers in 10+ diaper stash rotation.

2. REMOVE SOLIDS Unsnap and separate all parts of the diaper for a more thorough cleaning. Dump, scrape or spray solid waste into toilet and flush. Store wet/soiled diapers in a dry pail lined with  a  cloth  diaper  wetbag/liner with a lid that closes.

3. RINSE Once your diaper laundry is full and ready to wash, put all diapers together in the washing machine and do a cold, regular rinse with no detergent. Make sure there is enough room for the machine to agitate freely.

4. WASH Once the rinse cycle is over, add a cloth diaper safe detergent best for your family, and wash on heavy duty with warm/hot water. Do not use fabric softeners. Use as much detergent as you would use on a regular load of laundry.  If you have hard water, you may need to use additional detergent or a water softener.

5.   RINSE  AGAIN  Once  the  wash  cycle  is  complete,  set  the  machine  to  another  rinse cycle,  no  detergent,  in  warm  water.

6.  DRY  Dry  your  diapers  by  hanging  in  the natural  sunlight  or  in  your  dryer  on  med/high.  Sun -drying  is  great  for  saving  energy  and  will  help  remove  any  unwanted  stains  directly  from  your diapers.  If  you  choose  to  use  your  dryer,  do  not  use  dryer  sheets.  Fabric  softeners  will  cause  a the  natural  fibers  to  loose its  absorbency.  



Your instruction card that comes with each order just in case you didn't get one or need to refer to it.