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Please read below to learn about the mission and vision behind my company.

One of my top priorities is to make it very well known what my company stands for, and the mission behind it. My business was built from the ground up, from a small table in my living room, since 2012. Throughout this journey, I have learned so much from so many different people that I have met, some who have been life long supporters of mine, whom all provided me with a clear outlook on what the purpose is behind SoCo Studio.

My mission with this business is to spread awareness as far and wide as possible about reusable products. 

I have learned that so many people across the world have never heard of reusable pads or diapers. That if they had known about it, it would have been a life saver.

I do not have any intention to make anyone feel guilty for the products you decide to use that works best for you and your family. It is NOT my mission to get you to purchase my products, or guilt you into them. I will even recommend a product for you to purchase from someone/somewhere else that would be better for you than one of mine.

I have made sure my own daughters know that they can decide which kind of products they want to use, that makes them feel the most comfortable. Whether it be disposable or cloth, being in school, I want them to be comfortable.

It is my mission to make talking about periods, menstruation, puberty and womanhood completely normal. That there is nothing to be embarrassed about, and we are normalizing bleeding.

In my household, we talk about it freely, even in front of my boys and husband. In a non-condescending way. 

I spend a lot of time reading, learning and researching in order to become more qualified and trusted by you.

As I continue my studies and research about different kinds of safe fabrics, menstrual cycles, the woman's body, and other health/mental related topics, my REAL underlying mission is to share my knowledge using my platform to my audience via video or social media. 

It is important to me and my company to educate and share the embarrassing stuff in a more normalized way, so that you feel more comfortable with your body and what it endures. 

And lastly, one of the most important topics that I will always spread awareness about, is PERIOD POVERTY. Period poverty is more real and relevant right next to you, that we would ever realize. 

The products made in my studio are designed to protect your bodily fluids from birth to menopause. From every orface in your body. While that sounds funny, it is the truth! Peeing and pooping as babies, burp cloths, nursing pads, potty training and then all the way up to their first menstrual cycle and beyond.

Periods are not gendered. People who menstruate are not always women. People menstruate, no matter your gender. In my company, you are a menstruating person. I love and accept all people.

When it comes to products I recommend from other companies, whether they are here in my store or social media, I will always only promote them if I have either used the products myself or if I align with the company/product and I like what they stand for. I will never show you any other brand products that I would never use or without researching the company first and making sure they are a legitimate and ethical company.

I strive to run my business in the most economical way when it comes to leaving a carbon foot print. We try to use as much eco-friendly/recyclable packaging as possible as well as stay as green and economically aware as possible inside the studio. Our mission is to promote and raise awareness about using as many products as you can that are reusable or recyclable that can also help reduce your carbon foot print.



Your instruction card that comes with each order just in case you didn't get one or need to refer to it.