Our warranty is only extended to the original buyer. This warranty is not valid after 30 days. Warranty defects may only be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Southern Comfort Fitteds.  All diapers with excessive wear and tear usage will not be applied to the warranty. Except in cases of manufacturing defects, the warranty does not extend to leaking, wicking, staining, diaper odor, normal wear and tear or excessive snap abuse. 

SNAPS - If your snap was not installed properly, cracks, breaks, or pulls off, we will fix your snap within 60 DAYS of purchase for the original buyer. You may mail your diaper in at your expense to the address below, and you will be compensated when your item is returned. Repairs can take 1-2 weeks before returned to the owner.

ELASTIC - If elastics become loose, unattached in the stitching, the casing comes undone, or there is a defect due to a manufacturing error, we will replace your elastic within a 3 month period from purchase by the original buyer.  Elastic that has become deteriorated due to detergent, washing or wear and tear will not be covered under warranty. You may mail your diaper in at your expense to the address below. Repairs can take 1-2 weeks before returned to the owner.

SEWING -  Within 3 months of purchase from the original buyer, if the stitching or seams come undone, you may mail your diaper(s) in at your expense to be repaired. Repairs can take  1-2 weeks. Holes, snags or tears that occur during regular use of the diaper is not covered under warranty. 

FABRIC  - Fabric used to manufacture your cloth diapers are only covered under warranty during the first 6 weeks of purchase. Defects covered include : dethreading, runs, immediate holes. 

Washing and Care instructions are available HERE and a copy is mailed with every diaper order. If these wash routines are not followed, then you will experience leaking and faster than normal defects. The life expectancy of these cloth diapers are meant to last for the entire cloth diapering life span of multiple children. Following the wash and care instructions will give your cloth diapers the life expectancy they offer.



Leaking and wicking are not a cloth diaper defect.  Most causes of leaking or wicking are due to the correct position and size setting of the diaper on child. It is recommended to change the diaper when wet, just like a disposable diaper. Once diaper is wet or soiled the first time, it is time to rotate to a new diaper. Cloth diapers are not meant to last more than one ”potty”. 



- When the wash and care routine provided is not used properly 

- The diaper has been altered by someone other than a seamstress at Southern Comfort Fitteds

- Diaper rash cream, fabric softeners or other solutions are used in conjunction with the diaper to create a defect



If your clothing item sewing becomes unraveled or the seams come apart within 2 weeks of ordering, you may file a warranty claim.  Immediate holes or rips before use will qualify for a claim.


Any defect after 2 weeks. Washing malfunctions, stains or wear and tear are not covered. 



If you cloth diaper falls under warranty, you may send an email to with the following information:

1 - Name and Order number

2- issues you are having

3 - any photos you may have of the defect

Once we receive your email, we will send you a mailing address to mail your items to with further instructions within 3-5 business days.



All cloth pad sales are final. Due to the nature of the product, there are no refunds, exchanges or cancellations. If within 7 days of receiving your item, you find a defective snap(s) on your pad, please contact me immediately to have your snap repaired for free. 

Please send an email to with the following information:

1 - Name and Order Number

2 - Snaps to be repaired

3 - Any photos you may have of the defect


You can mail your products back to the studio at:

SoCo Studio
Makayla Kane
PO Box 1651
Trinity TX 75862