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SoCo cloth pads are my own hand made pattern and design. I have custom created exactly how I would like them to fit and feel by testing the pattern myself over a monthly cycle. I suggest and recommend using a diva/menstrual cup (click there to see all the cups I recommend!) paired with cloth pads, makes the perfect combo! Having your period just got FUN, and maybe for ONCE You are excited about it. When you build up a cute, pretty, trendy stash, you will feel so much more pampered during that time of the month, because you deserve it !
  • Size: Extra Long and Wide. Plus size. (largest size available)
  • Dimensions: 17.5 inches long by 3 inches wide (when snapped closed)

4 Layers
Top touching layer: cotton velour
Hidden soaker core: organic bamboo fleece
Bottom layer: bamboo or cotton velour
Undercarriage layer: windpro fleece

All pads are serged and designed to feel soft and smooth to the touch


2 - You are buying a handmade product. While your products are made with love and care, they are liable to have discrepancies as well as possible sewing marks.

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Alicia Peck
These are *chefs kiss*

Okay, I’m probably going to write practically the same thing on everything I ordered, but it’s what I need to say. I got these in teal and charcoal (purple was out of stock at the time and now I’m thinking I need to make another order lol)

I am a BIG girl (400+) and I have horrible heavy flow at times. When I started cloth pads, I found some 16” but most places don’t really do above a 14”. And since cloth padding is still largely a small business market, I haven’t pushed. But whenever I see TikToks about people making cloth, I’ll check them out.

When I clicked on this here website, and I started looking, it felt electric. Not only was there a SIGNIFICANT choice range in colors and prints, but the holy grail for me… XLXW 18” pads.

I absolutely flipped! I was so excited!!! AND IT WASNT ONLY IN PLAIN BORING COLORS!! (big girls you know what I mean)

I had to stop myself cause it’s almost Christmas and I need to save money, I was going to buy EVERYTHING! I settled on a few basics to round out my collection. (and one fun print!)

This length and shape is perfect if you’ve ever had to do the waddle out of bed in the middle of the night cause you feel a big clot slipping. Only to see auntie flow went everywhere in your underwear except the pad. These are great for if you’re a back or chest sleeper. SO MUCH COVERAGE!

If I ever stain another pair of underwear with these on, then I am just cursed and I will have to live with it!

So here’s the deal, I’ve tried most of the major fabrics for cloth pads. And for me, as a big girl with folds and flaps and sweat… this is my experience.

Minky, is so soft and wonderful, but really warm, so for me unless it’s a sit at home when it’s cool out, light day, I can’t really do it.

Jersey fabric, is supposed to be sweat wicking, but for me ends up feeling like your classic always pad, which ends up moist and plasticky, and rubs in a really uncomfortable way.

Flannel, super great for quick soaking (heavy days) classic comfort, can be a little warm, but not sweaty, very sturdy.

Classic cottons (often what the detailed prints are on) these are like wearing a slightly thick pair of underwear. They’re perfect for me, I even wear them when I’m not flowing but I know I’m gonna just be sweaty, they soak up all the moisture without the rub. They’re comfy, and you can find almost any print in the world to get on a pad.

These ones, they’re a cotton velour, so they’re soft like a minky, without being overly fuzzy and warm. They’re gonna feel like a hug that lasts the perfect amount of time!

I couldn’t have been happier when I got my package and these were here. I will genuinely tell everyone about this company! Just to convince everyone to make the initial purchase of cloth pads. It genuinely changed my life, and I’m so grateful to Soco Studio for being here!

Alicia I can't thank you enough for taking the time to write such a wonderful review! I am so glad you approve of the fabrics, shape and length! We work really hard to make the design of our pads work for everyone. Thank you again so much for your love and support and we are super thrilled to have you as such an amazing customer!

Makayla and George @ SoCo

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