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This listing is for one single pad, in a mystery print. You do not get to pick the print you want. It will be chosen for you at random. The print you will get will be from a previous *new release* we have had this year already. You are agreeing to this when you purchase this listing. The only customization I will offer is if you do not want profanity on your pad, please write that in the notes at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate you.
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The skin touching layer is 100% polyester Minky/Stay Dry. The absorbent inside layer is Zorb infused with silver ions. The last and final layer is 100% polyester waterproof Zorb. Absorbency is 1/2 cup fl. It may not seem like much, but that is over 22 disposables/tampons or 7 maxis/supers. All of our pads are surged and designed to feel soft and smooth to the touch. As mentioned above, they have a waterproof lining to keep you and your clothes dry with a super-fast absorbency. Our pad products were created with custom patterns and handmade pad designs. They are all created exactly the way we feel all of you would like them to fit and feel. The owner herself tests out every aspect of the design, a couple examples, feel and fit, before releasing. We understand not everyone is the same and recommend using a diva/menstrual cup (click here to see all the cups I recommend!) if you feel most comfortable doing so. Having your period just got FUN, and maybe for ONCE, you are excited about it. When you build up a cute, pretty, trendy stash, you will feel so much more pampered during that time of the month, because you deserve it! Make sure before you order that you read and understand Privacy Policy, Shipping Info, Product Warranty, and Refund Policy.

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Jackie Kessell
Love it!

I switched to reuseable pads about 8 months ago and I will never go back!! The quality of these are amazing!

Patricia Nabozny
Love it

I have used cloth pads for years.But Soco pads are my favorite. I hate having to choose prints so the Mystery pads are awesome! I love the surprise. And the quality is the same as all the other pads. Just because it’s mystery dosnt mean your getting crap! 10/10 will buy again

Ashley Jackson
Mystery pads

I love them all ...will order again

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