Hip Snaps for Cloth Diapers

Southern Comfort Fitteds

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Cloth Diaper Hip Snaps Sets

This listing is for one set of two (2) hip snaps.

Hip snaps are designed to cover up those inner most snaps when your child is growing into the bigger settings of a cloth diaper so that they do not dig or leave little red marks on your baby's hips.

Hip snaps are HARD TO FIND anywhere else. I am one of the ONLY shops that make them that I have been able to find recently. 

SoCo hip snaps will fit ANY diaper that is made with SIZE 20 KAMSNAPS of any brand. But they are specifically designed as for SoCo fitteds.

Hip Snap are made in a hand dyed organic bamboo velour and your set colors will be chosen at random. You may leave requests in the comment section at check out and I will try to accommodate that. 

You may add these to any pre-existing orders that have not shipped out yet, just please let me know in the comments.