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*IMPORTANT* This print is an all over print, designed by an artist. The pads are cut along the yard, so different parts of the print will be on different pads. You will get a variation of the entire print on any pads that you order. For example: if you order a pad in this print, you could potentially get one that has ninja turtles on it. Your pad will be picked at random, from this print, of pads that are already made. You are welcome to put in the comments at checkout, a particular part of the print that you would prefer to get on your pad, and I will do my best to accommodate that. You are not guaranteed the part of the print that you want. So if I cannot accommodate your request, you are agreeing to that possibility when you purchase. You may also request a part of the print that you do NOT want and again i will do my best accommodate. There are many different aspects to the design of this print, so it will be at random where they land on each pad. 

SoCo cloth pads are my own hand made pattern and design. I have custom created exactly how I would like them to fit and feel by testing the pattern myself over a monthly cycle. I suggest and recommend using a diva/menstrual cup (click there to see all the cups I recommend!) paired with cloth pads, makes the perfect combo!
Having your period just got FUN, and maybe for ONCE You are excited about it. When you build up a cute, pretty, trendy stash, you will feel so much more pampered during that time of the month, because you deserve it !

4 Layers
Top touching layer: knit, velour or minky
Hidden soaker core: organic bamboo fleece
Bottom layer: bamboo or cotton velour
Undercarriage layer: windpro fleece

All pads are serged and designed to feel soft and smooth to the touch with a waterproof lining to keep you and your clothes dry with a super fast absorbency.

2 - You are buying a handmade product. While your products are made with love and care, they are liable to have discrepancies as well as possible sewing marks.

Customer Reviews

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HEATHER Sturgill
Beautiful and comfortable

I love these pads and it absolutely sucks if I run out and have to use disposable....yuck...I'll never willingly go back. Lol

Diana Dominguez
Beautiful quality!!

My first purchase ever of these cloth pads! First, they are beautiful! The quality of this pad is very different from a cheap Amazon pad. Better fabric, softer, lighter, thinner, and the shape contours nicely with my figure. The pads performance is exceptional! I wore for 2-4 hours on my heavier days and withstood all that bleeding! Maybe one pad I over saturated to much but it’s no reason to deem the pad horrible. It was just me wearing for to long. Get yourselves some period panties for extra protection if for some reason it does seep through! Cleaning: easy pre soak, no staining, easy to throw in the wash and no smell left behind! What an excellent product!

Racquel Rahming

I ordered two prints to test them out because I'd never ordered from SOCO before. I love them. I'll certainly be ordering again!!!