Southern Comfort Fitteds specializes ONLY in fitted style diapers.  

A fitted diaper is only designed with all natural or fleece fibers like bamboo, cotton or hemp. These will never be made with any PUL or other waterproof layers.

 Fitted diapers are designed to be the most absorbent type but today more and more fitteds are being made with a water/weather proof fleece called WINDPRO. Windpro is a liquid/weather resistant fleece used in many different clothing items like winter jackets and hats.

 Fitted cloth diapers are designed to provide the maximum absorbency in the most natural ways and can be used any time of the day, but many people love them for overnight due to the soft nature of the fit and protection. They are probably the most expensive type of diaper, but you get what you pay for. 

The fabric make up in a fitted  is composed with quality, sustainable fabrics and designed to fit babies of any age, stage or size. A very popular diaper type among the more seasoned cloth diapering moms. But also great for just starting out with cloth diapers, showing you the power behind cloth diapering!