Southern Comfort Fitteds offers 4 different sized diapers in 3 different styles  as  well as  2  different  types.   Our sizes are not one size fits all and are not all in one. Our  diapers  are  fitteds only.  Which  means  they  are  not  made  with  PUL  or  any  other  laminate.  The  soaker  system  unsnaps  completely  out  of  the  diaper  for  a  more  thorough  cleaning  and  better  fit  adjustment.  The patterns designed for each size were hand crafted. Each size has been tested over several years with many different babies to achieve the best fit across all stages of the diapering years.  The  different  variations  of  sizes  and  styles  affect  the  exact  price  each  diaper.



Outer Layer: usually manufactured with 100% cotton, cotton Lycra variations, and polyester fabric variations.

Hidden Layer for Hypros: 100% polyester windpro fleece

Hidden Layer for True Fitteds: organic bamboo fleece  ( 70% viscose from bamboo/30% organic cotton)

Inner Layer of  Cotton Velour (80% cotton/20% polyester) 


Inner Layer of Organic Bamboo Velour (67% bamboo/28% organic cotton/ 5% polyester)


Soaker System: Our unique soaker system is composed of 9 layers of solid all natural protection. One lay in booster made up of 3 layers of heavy organic bamboo fleece, topped with either wicking jersey (100% polyester) or the coordinating cotton /bamboo velour  (see  content  above). The booster lays on top of the fold over snap in contoured soaker. This soaker is made up of 2 layers of heavy organic bamboo fleece with a hidden layer of all natural, super absorbent hemp terry (hemp is NOT exposed)




JUST BORN - This is our newborn size. Designed to fit babies that are ”just born” right in the hospital. Fitting size 5lbs to 12lbs (included preemies). This weight range does depend on your baby, but can last up to 3 months old. Click here to see a Just Born diaper.

PETITE - Petites were designed for that funky stage right in between the Just Born and the Size 1. When baby is a little too big or outgrowing the Just Born but the Size 1 is still  just  a  little too big. Petites fit from about 10lbs to about 20lbs. Depending on your baby, but fitting ages 3 months to about 8 months old.  Click here to see a Petite diaper.

SIZE 1 - Size 1 is our most popular size. This size fits baby for the longest time period. Fitting from about 15lbs to around 35lbs or more. The average age fitting for the best fit of Size 1 is about 6 months old to about 2 years old. Click here to see a size 1 diaper.

SIZE 2 - Size 2 is our largest size. This size was designed to last through the end stages of diapering and potty training. It is NOT recommended to use this size for a baby under 9 months old.  Size 2 fits the weight of 20lbs to around 45+ pounds. With age ranging from 1year to 5 years old.  This depends entirely upon baby’s composition. Click here to see a size 2 diaper



TURNED AND TOPSTITCHED (T&T) - Turned and topstiched is the standard style of most cloth diapers. They are sewin down, flipped over and topstitched. This style  applies the basic true fit with softer finished edges. See a sample of a T&T diaper here.

SERGED - Serged diapers are sewn around the edges one time with a serger. This style is less expensive than the other 2 style options. Serged is the more popular style and  most requested. The composition of this style of finish is much trimmer, but the fit provides the most coverage. See an example of a serged diaper here.

COMFORT SERGED - Comfort serged is a combination of both T&T and serged. The legs mid section is turned and topstitched while the wings and belly panel are serged. This style is slightly more expensive than the other 2 styles. But is also highly desired by moms. The fit is super trim in the leg mid section and provides a fit combination of that feels the best. See an example of a comfort serged diaper here.



TRUE FITTED -A true fitted is the original make up of a fitted diaper. The hidden layer of the shell is composed of heavy organic bamboo fleece. This type of fitted is not offered by a lot of manufacturers anymore. But Southern Comfort Fitteds will always offer this natural version of the original fitted cloth diaper.  Although  we  do  not  use  true  fitteds  as  our  standard  type,  made  upon  request  only.

HYPRO - Over time, fitteds have transformed their original make up into more modernized, polyester fabrics. The HYPRO gets its name from the make up of the hidden layer in the shell which is a combination of water repellent windpro fleece, deeming it a hybrid fitted. The HYPRO fleece used by Southern Comfort Fitteds was discovered in 2017 after much research and testing for the perfect fleece to use in the new hybrid fitteds. At this time, we are the only manufacturers who use this fleece for diapers. The fleece is highly sustainable, liquid resistant with a sturdy composition for a quality fit.  Hypro  is  the  standard  type  of  fitted  offered  for  purchases.